Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A. Transportation & Accommodation

A-1. Where is the registration going to take place?

The registration for the Conference will be at Sanur Paradise Hotel, Sanur Denpasar.

A-2.How can I get to the venue?

We suggest that you take a taxi. It will cost about Rp. 150.000,- from the Ngurah Rai airport.

A-3.Where should I stay during the Conference?

Participants should book their own hotel accommodation in advance. The organization committee will charter a hotel in venue, so that the participants can get a discount.


BRegistration procedure

B-1. What is the official website? Where should I go for registration and payment?
The official website of the 62nd TEFLIN Conference 2015 is

For registration please fill in the form in

For payment, you need to transfer the registration fee (AND the proceeding fee, if you wish to buy one) to the following bank account:
Account number: 1450010975981
Account holder: Ni WAYAN SUKARINI

In the poster you can check the procedure of registration and payment.


B-2. My paper is accepted. When can I receive the formal invitation letter?
According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, the invitation letter for the authors of papers, signed by the head of the committee will be sent to the author in the format of PDF file via e-mail by organizers. Please prepare to attend the conference following the direction of the invitation letter.

B-3. Would the second author of a paper get the invitation letter?
According to the arrangement of the organizing committee, the second author will get invitation letter.
If you do not receive the invitation letter by the end of March, 2015, it means that the first author of your paper did not enter your email address. Please contact organizers and provide your email address.

B-4. I didn’t submit a paper (or my paper is not accepted), can I still attend the conference? If I can, what should I do?
Yes, you are welcome to attend the conference. Please register yourself at our official website and pay the conference fee online or in site. Please note that the conference fee may increases over time.

B-5. What kind of documents do I have to present when I register on site?
You need your passport and the invitation letter. If you are a student, please also bring your official proof. Please also bring along the proof of payment provided by your bank.

B-6.When can I get the Program?
You can take a look at the program on this website a couple of weeks prior to the conference. You will also get a program book when you register on site.

B-7.Where can I find all those presentations?
Keynote speeches will be given in the ballroom of Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bali. While other presentations like workshop, parallel, and round table will be held in the presentation rooms around the ballroom of Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bali. You can check the Program book for the presentation during the conference.

B-8. What should I bring to get into a presentation session?
You should wear your name tag that you get at the registration desk.

B-9. When can I receive confirmation upon my registration using Google form as provided in the circulation?

You will not receive any confirmation anymore after you have completed online registration in Google form, since the form directly connected to our database. The confirmation appears directly on your screen upon completing online registration.


C Paper presentation guide

C-1.Can you tell me more about the different forms of presentation?

  1. Individual Papers will be given a block of 20 minutes, in which 10 minutes are for the presentation and 10 minutes for discussion.


  1. Workshops will be given blocks of 1 hour each. Workshops are for practical demonstrations including research software, methods of data elicitation, methods and procedures of data analysis, courseware, software, teaching or classroom techniques.


  1. Round table will be given for 1 hour and it consists of several presenters. The discussion among those presenters will be priority in this session.

C-2.Where can I find the time slot for my presentation?
Please check your time slot in the program book or wait for our update on the official website.

You should get to the place 10 minutes earlier to copy your PowerPoint document onto the computer there provided by the Organizing Committee. You can also bring some handouts with you. Organizational staff will be ready to help you on spot.

C-3.What should I prepare for my presentation?
You have to prepare a) PowerPoint document in flash disk. b) 20 – 30 copies of handouts if necessary.

C-4.Must I deliver my presentation in English?
English is desirable, as there will be a large number of participants from outside Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is another working language you can use.

C-5.My paper is accepted and I have already paid the registration fee. Can I quit?
As some people might go to listen to your presentation once they learn of it from the Program, we strongly suggest that you ask your colleague or some other participant to read your paper on your behalf if you cannot present yourself.

 C-6. Can the second author of my papers come together with me?
Yes. He/she should also register him/self separately.

C-7.Can I use my own laptop computer in my presentation?
Not recommended. Unforeseeable technical difficulties might occur.

C-8.Will the papers be published later?
The committee provides proceeding for those who are willing to publish their papers. It includes the parallel presentation, round table, and workshop.
C-9.Will there be a presentation certificate for the presenters?
Yes. But only those who actually present their papers will be given the certificates.


D Visa issue

D-1 How do I apply for my visa to Indonesia?
Please contact the Indonesian Embassy or consulate in your country. If you need further assistance, please let us know.


E Sightseeing

E-1 I want to go sightseeing in Bali. Is it convenient?
Udayana University is on the central of Denpasar. It is convenient to take taxies/rent cars to different places in Bali.

E-2 I want to go to other parts of Bali. What should I do?

You’d better contact your local travel agency to arrange your travel in advance.